Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

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  • Professional supervision

  • Consulting services and Project management

  • Energy audits and energy certification of buildings

  • Legalization of illegal buildings

  • Preparation of complete project documentation

  • Preparing of contracts and tenders for the constructor

  • Estimated investment and feasibility studies

  • Making storey studies (Plan of specific property)


Hotel Building – Westgate B, Split

Published on 17 December, 2017

After the successful construction of the “Splitska Bank” tower, the construction of the second tower Westgate B has started…

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Energy Renewal of Varaždin General Hospital

Published on 8 September, 2017

Energy renewal of the Varaždin General Hospital has begun. The total investment of HRK 83.5 million, which is one of the largest investments in Croatia in the health sector, is provided with…

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Hotel Borovnik – Tisno

Published on 8 September, 2017

The reconstruction and upgrading of the Hotel Borovnik, a successful project financed by the EU Structural Funds, has been completed. With experience in projects related to co-financing from the EU Structural Funds,…

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